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Marine Mechanics


Welcome to Marine Mechanics, a proud subsidiary of the Synergy Marine Group. Established in 2014, we have carved a niche for ourselves as a premier service provider in the fields of Navigation, Communication, Automation, IT, LSA/FFA, and IHM. Our team, comprising over 100 highly skilled engineers, successfully addresses more than 1,000 service calls each year.

Your One-Stop Solution for Maritime Excellence
What We Offer

1. Navigation Equipment Sales and Service

At Marine Mechanics, we are your go-to source for worldwide support in radio surveys, VDR APTs, Gyro Overhauls, Radar Maintenance, and ECDIS Maintenance. We offer annual maintenance packages, meticulously crafted to help you plan better and stay ahead.

2. Life-Saving and Firefighting Equipment Maintenance

We provide annual contracts that cover all your service arrangements globally, including lifeboat annuals. Your safety is our priority.

3. IHM Solutions

Our web based IHM+ portal offers IHM Part 1 preparation and ongoing IHM Maintenance. This API-integrated solution ensures you stay in compliance with HKC and EU SRR regulations.

4. 24/7 Remote Assistance

Our Marine Call Center, powered by WhatsApp Web Automation, provides round-the-clock remote assistance for all bridge equipment, ensuring seamless operations.

5. Vessel Inspections

We offer comprehensive vessel inspections, including pre-purchase and condition inspections, all backed by digital checklists and grading systems for utmost accuracy.

6. Sustainable Ship Recycling Supervision

Through our unique digital portal, we supervise the ship recycling process, enhancing transparency throughout the dismantling stages.

7. Alcohol Breath Analyzer

Introducing our unique wall-mounted Alcovisor device with real-time monitoring— a market-first solution to help ships comply with company alcohol policies.

Digitalization at Its Best

Marine Mechanics

All our services are designed with a focus on digitalization to improve productivity and compliance, making us a leader in maritime solutions.


Though we are Young, we have
Long vision ..

Our vision is to be a globally trusted and preferred ship service company providing holistic and comprehensive solutions in ship industry. Safety, security, and prosperity of people, assets, and environment are our priority. We will continuously strive to offer solutions best suited for our clients with minimum turn-around time.