Marine Mechanics

Want to join us?

At Marine Mechanics, we are not afraid to drive change or reinvent ourselves. We have a proud history of maritime capabilities, but improving our capabilities is vital if we are going to continue being true pioneers in the maritime sector.

That means we are excited to see what new ideas you will bring to the table. As we increase our ability to collaborate and share knowledge across Marine Mechanics, we will encourage you to share your perspective, too. With us, your contribution counts.

We strive to do things properly, be at our very best and achieve great things together. Newcomers are no exception – we will help you grow through opportunities and challenges that push your skills and offer more responsibility. This way, your talents can flourish. 

Humbleness is also important to us. We know that if we are going to make our transformation a success, we must acknowledge that we do not always have all the answers. Making everyone’s voices heard, recognizing new expertise and empowering people to share knowledge are key to ensure our success.

When you join Marine Mechanics, you will be joining a company that is passionate about marine safety & marine
environment, so we truly believe that you can be at your best when:

You actively seek accountability and achieve amazing things with your team and colleagues.

You develop your career in a direction that benefit you and the company.

You master your job and continue to develop your skills, knowledge and how you work.

In Marine Mechanics you will be a part of an enthusiastic team and we
see this as a strength of our company.

Please send in your Resume / CV to