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Unique RMS Tool for Navigation Equipments

We develop, maintain, and manage an excellent technical knowledge base and ticketing system to serve the vessels remotely through e-mail and telephones. Presently we have 260 plus ships using our RBS (Remote Breakdown Support) services with amazing reduction in their maintenance costs and equipment downtime. Analysis of our data shows that majority of defects on Navigation & communication equipment are due to lack of technical training and knowledge update onthe navigational and communication equipment and the same can be rectified without getting a technician onboard. And it is where our RBS service plays an important role.

  • 23 categories of navigational equipment.
  • Covers procedures and manuals of major makes and models.
  • 3500 tailored solutions in knowledge bank and keep increasing day by day.
  • Dedicated engineers serving round the clock supporting 1000 ships on call and mails.