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Marine Mechanics


Marine Mechanics established in 2014 is a leading maritime service provider in the field of Navigation, Communication, Automation, IT, LSA/FFA and IHM. Our 50 member highly skilled experienced engineering team addresses over 1000 calls each year.

With our accumulated and well-organized knowledge bank, we believe in delivering the best solutions to clients. We have also made substantial investments in resource development and are a significant player in SMARTSHIP projects.

Our uniqueness is in its RMS support, which is being extended to ship owners, managers, and vessels through 24/7 Remote Maintenance Support (RMS) facility.

We are also a Class authorized service providers of IHM based solutions. Our team of HazMat experts offer one stop solution right from identification, preparation to certification of IHM. We also have a web based IHM Maintenance portal that enables vessels to be IHM compliant throughout her life cycle as per HKC & EU SRR guidelines.

Our team of experts also offer asbestos removal, disposal and asbestos management plans to vessel owners and managers.

The company is proud to have achieved many milestones, honorably serving the industry from 2014. A memorable passage that required exceptional management and leadership, preempting industry dynamics, effective risk management, cost control, diversification, innovation, and creativity. 


Though we are Young, we have
Long vision ..

Our vision is to be a globally trusted and preferred ship service company providing holistic and comprehensive solutions in ship industry. Safety, security, and prosperity of people, assets, and environment are our priority. We will continuously strive to offer solutions best suited for our clients with minimum turn-around time.